Why We Cook

Back in 2008, three friends challenged each other to a cooking duel in the backyard of their Hillcrest home. It was on that crisp, Fall day, after much fanfare and lots of barbecue, that the B Street Rib Off was founded by Jason Brown, Justin Hinton and Matthew Ross. Realizing the potential for good, the three friends harnessed their powers :: accounting | law | public relations :: to evolve the event into a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 2010.

The organization boasts a board of directors that consists of nine Arkansans whose lives have all been affected by cancer. The result is a powerhouse of pork that brings friends from across the region together every Fall to support those battling cancer in Central Arkansas. We choose to give back by doing what we love, cooking barbecue. Luckily  we've met lots of friends along the way who like to give back by cooking too. 

 Since 2010, the B Street Rib Off has raised more than $60,000 for the The American Cancer Society of Central Arkansas. The competition is hosted in the Argenta neighborhood of North Little Rock, Arkansas.

B Street Rib Off Board of Directors

Bentley Grissom, President | Jonesboro
Justin Hinton, Vice President, President-Elect | Little Rock
Casey Cardin, Treasurer | Little Rock
Marshall Sigsby, Secretary | Jonesboro
Jason Brown | North Little Rock
Bradley Grissom | Jonesboro
Jeremy Hinton | Little Rock
Matthew Ross | Little Rock
Joshua Wingo | Wynne